1. Quick overview
  2. Folder structure and file formats
  3. Editor configuration
  4. Interface details
  5. FAQ


  1. Module and area creation
  2. Movement between areas
  3. Creation of passages between locations
  4. Maps of location
  5. Setting objects on locations
  6. Custom loadscreens


  1. Character templates
  2. Creation of new characters
  3. Creation of NPC files
  4. Create a monster template
  5. Spawn sets
  6. Spawn points
  7. Activating a spawnset
  8. Action points
  9. Creation of smith
  10. Character Generation System
  11. Change animation of character


  1. Quest conversations
  2. Standard and cutscene conversations
  3. Entertainment in conversations
  4. Overheard conversations
  5. Dialogue with Voice files
  6. Camera Shots in Conversations


  1. Quests - let's start!
  2. Quest databases
  3. Create quest
  4. Adding a journal entry
  5. Quest System 101

Running and testing the game

  1. Assigning and adding files to a module
  2. Running a module
  3. Module testing
  4. Flag testing


  1. Cutscene creation
  2. Editing CutScenes
  3. Cutscenes with Sex Cards


  1. Store
  2. Shop
  3. Resting place
  4. Dice poker
  5. Special effects - quick tutorial
The Witcher Adventure Editor (Djinni)

The Witcher Adventure Editor (Djinni)

Full Combat Rebalance - Launch Trailer

Full Combat Rebalance - Launch Trailer

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