function SetCalendar (int nYear,int nMonth, int nDay)

Set the calendar to the specified date.

  • nYear: should be from 0 to 32000 inclusive -
  • nMonth: should be from 1 to 12 inclusive -
  • nDay: should be from 1 to 28 inclusive


  1. Time can only be advanced forwards; attempting to set the time backwards will result in no change to the calendar.
  2. If values larger than the month or day are specified, they will be wrapped around and the overflow will be used to advance the next field. e.g. Specifying a year of 1350, month of 33 and day of 10 will result in the calender being set to a year of 1352, a month of 9 and a day of 10.

  • Return type: void
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn

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