function SetPlaceableIllumination (object oPlaceable=OBJECT_SELF, int bIlluminate=TRUE)

Set the status of the illumination for oPlaceable.

  • oPlaceable:
  • bIlluminate: if this is TRUE, oPlaceable's illumination will be turned on. If this is FALSE, oPlaceable's illumination will be turned off.


  • You must call RecomputeStaticLighting () after calling this function in order for the changes to occur visually for the players. SetPlaceableIllumination () buffers the illumination changes, which are then sent out to the players once RecomputeStaticLighting() is called. As such, it is best to call SetPlaceableIllumination () for all the placeables you wish to set the illumination on, and then call RecomputeStaticLighting () once after all the placeable illumination has been set.
  • If oPlaceable is not a placeable object, or oPlaceable is a placeable that doesn't have a light, nothing will happen.

  • Return type: void
  • Include file: nwscriptdefn

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